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Log in to your BSU Google Apps account

Log in to your Google account for Bath Spa email.

        Gmail Username: your Bath Spa email address - minus the ''
        Gmail Password: Not the same as your 'University' password. See the box below.

(You can also log in from any 'Google-owned login page' such as Gmail or Youtube - for your username, use your full Bath Spa email address - if you then see a message that you have duplicate Google Bath Spa accounts, log out again, and log in using that University-specific login page on the link above)

Gmail: Usernames, Passwords, Email Addresses

For Staff
Your email address is as before:

Your password for Bath Spa Gmail is initially set to be the same as your 'University password' - and the first time you log in to your email account, you'll be asked to change it. The Bath Spa Gmail password you set, needs to be at least eight characters long and you need to make it a 'Strong' password.
For Students
Your email address is where 'XX' is the last two digits of the starting academic year in which your email account was created.

An example: if your account is created in February 2012, your email account will have '11' at the end, as this is within the academic year 2011/2012)

If you happen to have the same name as another student, your email address will be of the form:

  • john.smithXX1@ ...
  • john.smithXX2@ ...
  • john.smithXX3@ ...

A very few students have email addresses of the form More.

For any student, email to is a valid address for them - a student number is unique to an individual and is set up in Bath Spa Gmail as an alias. If you know a student's username and are unsure of their email address, you can address an email to them using their student number.

For Students: first use of your account

Your initial password is the same as your initial password for Bath Spa University systems, but Gmail will require that you change this at first logon. You'll need to set a strong password - use letters, symbols etc

(Information updated 02/11/11)

When you need to change your University Gmail password

Once you're logged into your account, at top right, select your account's icon, and then, from the panel, select 'Account' and then 'Security'.

Forgotten Passwords

Please do not forget your password ...

However, should you need your password reset, log a job with the helpdesk, who will retrieve your account for you.

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