Iframes Demo page to evaluate for LIS guide

Using Iframes

Here's a link to info on using iframes. Beware of accessibility issues though among other things, and in no way are Iframes good to use gratuitiously ...

Library catalogues in an iframe ...

Iframes display a web page within another - in the same way that a web page might display an image ... Here's one, by default it displays the Bath Spa University library catalogue - it's a web page so it's fully functional:

You can target the frame to load other pages from links as follows:

All before you, in this world, is smoke and shadows.All before you, in this world, is smoke and shadows.
Words found on a door lintel in the garden of a house in the Cretan village of Argiroupolis.
The lintel is a fragment from the city state Lappa, which occupied the same site.